Yes. We can assist you with both, inkjet printers and laser printers. We have a flat fee for analyzing any issues with your printer and offer cleaning and maintenance options.

Yes. We work on any computer issues you may have, from virus issues to connectivity issues to hardware issues and everything in between.

Yes. We are typically 20%-40% cheaper than the big box stores depending on what type of cartridges you are purchasing. Some of our cartridges offer an even larger discount.

Yes. As long as you are a customer of ours and have a history of purchasing cartridges from us, we will recycle your used cartridges at no additional charge.

If you are not a customer having purchased cartridges from us, there is a charge for recycling.

No. Our cartridges are tested and filled to industry standards and specifications and will not harm your printer in any way.

No. Our cartridges will NOT void your manufacturer’s warranty. There are two laws on the books that make it illegal for a manufacturer to require you to use their OEM cartridges in their printers. The Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act enacted in 1975 and the Sherman-Clayton Anti-Trust Act. You have the right as a consumer to put whatever cartridges in your printer that you wish without fear that it will void your warranty. Similar to a car manufacturer who cannot make you use their OEM parts for repairs. You can use cheaper parts or even rebuilt parts.

Yes. We offer computer technical support as well as printer technical support. The computer support we offer covers all aspects of your computer and does not have to be related to printers. For instance, we offer wired and wireless network assistance, virus cleanings, hardware issues, etc. Basically anything related to computers and printers. My computer experience goes all the way back to 1979, before they had hard drives!!

Yes. We can deliver right to your business or home address and if you can tag along on our regular delivery days there is no additional charge for that service.

We have customers in Pulaski, Shawano, Oconto, Oconto Falls, Abrams, Suamico, Howard, All of Green Bay and the surrounding communities, New Franken, Luxemburg, Sturgeon Bay, Kewaunee, Denmark, Mishicot, Two Rivers, Manitowoc, Valders, Brillion, New Holstein, Chilton, Hilbert, Sherwood, Forest Junction, All of Appleton and the surrounding communities, Freedom, Greenville and New London.

We make one huge delivery route every Wednesday.

Yes. We can drop ship you product if available from our Chicago warehouse. Our flat rate drop ship fee is $12.50 and typically anything up to the Green Bay area and south can receive next day.

Yes. We can make house calls for both printer and computer related issues you may be having. Our hourly rate is $50. Give us a call 920-497-8669 to discuss specifics.

Ink is a liquid based substance and the minute it is opened, the air will start to suck the moisture from the ink. If you keep the ink sealed in its package it should last a good 6 months if not longer depending on the environment that it is stored in.

Toner is a powder based substance and will never dry up if properly stored.

The answer to that question is multi-faceted. It is directly affected by what you are using the printer for. Please give us a call 920-497-8669 to discuss the best options for you.

Currently the Brother printer line offers the most economical ink and toner pricing. However, this can also be dependent on what type of printing you are doing so please give us a call 920-497-8669 to discuss and confirm what your best options are.